SEO workplace secret high and low end talent polarization serious


SEO is still a very important marketing way, no matter how Baidu search 360 grab the cake, no matter how popular SNS marketing, there are still many people want SEO into this circle, and SEO training is so hot. Maybe it has a nice name and a bit of mystery. Of course, there is also an important reason, that is, the threshold is relatively low.

SEO is an easy job and difficult to graduate. Because the knowledge of SEO system is very complicated, involving all aspects of Internet marketing, so beginners can learn SEO starting from a very small angle, such as the hair outside the chain, the editor is the most common basics. But it is also because the knowledge system is too complex, it is very difficult to fruition. Most of the people are to check on SEO, stop at the entry stage, which is just mentioned, pseudo original chain.

in the current SEO industry, there is the following polarization phenomenon:

1, high-end talent is very expensive, one will be hard to find

met a senior SEO veteran, 30 years old, engaged in SEO for seven or eight years, although unlike ZAC, like Sun Bo in the industry so famous, but experts are also experienced in the company, monthly salary can reach twenty thousand, in addition to their own private small business, a year can earn forty thousand or fifty thousand. Such a year down there are three hundred thousand income. It should be tempting for many new SEO people. He said that in the early days of SEO, no matter whether it was famous or not, big money and small fortunes were made.

indeed, if you have been in the SEO industry for five years or so, then even a real expert, this kind of talent is very popular now. They are not necessarily geniuses. They can do the rankings overnight. The key is to be experienced and wise, and know whether the website is well optimized with closed eyes. This kind of person is precious, and great credit is given by the so-called "SEO" personnel who have only three minutes of enthusiasm.

2, low-end talent is cheap, a piece of migrant workers

‘s formal entry to high-end talent is the latest in a large number of SEO novices. This group is very large, because the SEO threshold is very low, began to change the basic will be. However, if you are working for a company, edit the article, send the chain, this stage usually lasts for a long time, and some even for several years can not contact other branches of SEO. Most people will soon be killed, SEO feel very boring, some still think SEO is something so, send the chain feel SEO master, so frequent job hopping, which also caused another phenomenon in the SEO industry: high mobility, stability is poor, especially in health care and training industry. Also some people think that SEO can learn little thing, simply diverted.

a lot of SEO novices actually walk

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