Web user experience analysis data visualization 6 steps


[editor’s note] this article comes from @ Baidu business UED. In the current Internet, a variety of data visualization charts emerge in endlessly. This article attempts to sum up the methods of data visualization and organize them into 6 steps.

general data graphs can be split into two basic types of elements: what is described and the value of this object, and we define them as indicators and index values for the time being. For example, a gender distribution, men accounted for 30%, women accounted for 70%, then the index is male and female, the index value corresponds to 30%, 70%.

1. graphically index values

an index value is a data, the size of the data in graphical manner. For example, the length or height of a column graph represents the size of the data, which is the most common form of visualization.

traditional column charts and pie charts may bring about aesthetic fatigue. They may try to make some innovations from the visual style of graphics. The common method is to associate the meaning of the figure with the index.

, for example, Google, Zeitgeist, displays the search word of TOP10, displaying the shape of the "search" shape, which coincides with the meaning of the index, and also makes a stereoscopic visual change:


2. graphically index the

generally uses the icon with the same meaning as the index, and uses more scenes as follows:


3. graphically index relationships

when there are many indexes, mining the relation between the indexes and graphically expressing them can enhance the visualization depth of the chart. Commonly, there are two ways:

uses existing scenes to represent

associations, whether in nature or in society, have similar scenarios and indicators, and then use this scenario to represent them.

, such as the Baidu statistical traffic research institute operating system distribution, first divided into windows, MAC, and other operating systems, windows and XP, 2003 and other multi seed system.

according to the relation of Lenovo, found the galaxies of the universe in a similar relationship: there are many galaxies in the universe, we are most familiar with the solar system, the solar system also includes all the planets, so the whole galaxy borrow scene, will be known as windows compared to the solar system, XP, window7 etc. compared to the sun planets, MAC and other systems compared to other galaxies, as follows:


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