The wet nurse will be a patent for the newly married girls

nanny – a great and respected profession,

on the Internet what things can happen, in with the milk powder incident, the market wage nurse to rise rapidly, and soon someone will make a professional nurse or nurse, but will not believe that investment is very effective, because children are the future and hope, do not want their children lose at the starting line.

if you were a man, would you allow your wife to be a nanny to someone else,


many people have their own ideas. If you’re a mother and you have enough milk, would you like to be a nanny to someone else’s


what would you feel if your wife was in someone else’s house and feeding someone else’s baby? Nanny, a fresh, unstoppable industry is about to be born.

nurse nurse will soon popular business, so do the female nurse nurse, 80 brothers can do nanny website ah. Provide a new platform for the nanny to make the nanny business better.

loses his job when he marries

a lot of people get married after a child is unemployed, now the nurse (Nai Ma) will make up for a loss of occupation, the new era of entrepreneurs, on the road of struggle, 80 peers, don’t be afraid of what is not good, as Nai Ma is a great nurse occupation.

adult to have, into their own people, to provide milk through their own health, milk to feed a child, is love, don’t be afraid not what can not, the money is not right, money is not great? The teacher imparting knowledge, a teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime, is not charging the teacher? Not because of charges and buried the teacher’s kindness. So do the nurse is great.

‘s new career after 80s

80 young women are married with children, young, this is the advantage of 80, the nurse will be 80 after 90 after 70 patents are not suitable, 80 young female, married with children please nurse career development.

show the advantages of 80, let 80 grow together.

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