What suits you is the best way to talk about the choice of an advertising alliance

in the webmaster can use many profit channels, advertising alliance is undoubtedly many Adsense began to contact, use the website to make money when the first model. Even when many webmaster websites develop to a larger scale, they are still the most reliable, efficient and stable way in many profitable channels. At home and abroad, many new and old advertising alliance for the majority of the webmaster to use the site to realize the dream of making money, provides a wide range of choices, so that even if the site in the initial stage of development can bring profits for the station.

With the prosperity of the pros and cons of the

advertising alliance, has brought two effects: on the one hand, provides many choices for the emergence of new and old domestic and foreign advertising alliance for the webmaster, greatly enriched the advertiser’s source, provides sufficient protection for the increasing number of sources of advertising website; but on the other hand, a large number of advertising alliance operation technology, the quality of advertising, payment credit appears uneven, hardly identification situation, especially the new owners to the owners choice difficult.

in addition, different different focus on advertising alliance, which specializes in advertising are also different, this leads to some owners not with their own site situation for analysis and put the result of traffic has not been fully utilized, and the problem of non ideal income. According to this, the author thinks: webmaster must be combined with the actual situation of their own website, selection and user characteristics consistent with most of the advertising alliance advertising, in order to receive the maximum return, the so-called "is best suited to their own", blindly follow the trend, and an analysis of the practice of the most desirable.

one, analysis of website traffic (user) features

Behind the

website traffic is a specific user, website content of different types of users have often resulted in a greater difference for the attitude toward the site, analyze and grasp the flow (user) feature is the correct choice for advertising their first step, is the key. In general, the website traffic can be divided into the following two categories: 1. website content section and rich content, SEO optimized properly, keywords ranking has a good effect, but the overall content of the pertinence, to provide a variety of information, most of the traffic sources come from the search engine, the site traffic often with a huge number, but low loyalty, jump out rate is high, we call this as "single use of traffic flow; 2. web content focused on a certain field, professional and strong, the flow quantity is small, but the user loyalty is high, go back to the high rate, low bounce rate, we call this site traffic the repeated use of traffic". According to the flow characteristics of the division, the webmaster first need is to analyze and determine the flow of their own web site (user) belong to which type, for the next advertising alliance choose to do homework.

two, the person that is best suited to their own


analyzes and determines what type of site traffic is in place, then you’ll need to know about each ad link

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