Good site planning allows you to build the station with half the effort

each webmaster in the site before, must be well planned, you will do the web site.

good site planning allows you to build the station with half the effort.

according to the different stations, the site planning will also be different, but ultimately can not be separated from the general framework. Before we set up a website, we had a good idea of the market situation, and then recorded it in written form. This is the process of thinking and ideas to form a result, but also a manifestation of planning.

site planning is very diverse, but there are rules can be found. Usually you follow the following steps for your planning.

one, market analysis,

portal website: website includes comprehensive portal, e-commerce portals, industry portals, information service portal (here we classify BBS into comprehensive portal website; blog will be classified as information service portal). For example, I now intend to do a regional network station at the beginning of idle away in seeking pleasure, market research, find out what the main section of idle away in seeking pleasure, what they have, what special services, development and so on. Then choose and reject their columns, and then create columns according to their own characteristics. After determining their own website column, but also in the same industry and foreign websites were selected to find the content of complementary websites for daily promotion and cooperation after the link. The development of the same industry site to do a general understanding of the situation, according to the actual situation to check what kind of advantages, what are the disadvantages, and then you can position the site.

enterprise website: enterprise website market analysis is relatively easy, because the establishment of the enterprise purpose is to better their own propaganda, want to occupy a space for one person in Internet marketing, to provide technical support and online interactive products, in order to better serve customers, but also improve the enterprise profit. Enterprise website construction ideas can refer to the same industry do better site, but at the same time according to their own development adjustment, must not blindly follow. Enterprise websites can also find some complementary websites in the same industry for links.

personal website: personal website construction is often similar in content, but there are also some personal websites can create new styles, using a unique type of website, this website can usually receive the miraculous effect. Generally speaking, personal website is relatively neglected in market analysis, but large and medium-sized personal websites should be investigated by market, just like what portals do.

two, the site itself positioning

market analysis is complete, back to its own analysis.

your first consideration is what your goal is to do this site, which includes both long-term and short-term. The more specific point is to translate into data. For example, use Alexa rankings to divide: how many names are there in a month, how many in the back of the year, and how many in the back of the year?. Also >

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