nternet differentiation strategy and sustainable development

    remember a year ago, I met a lot of clothing in the media, in the clothing is very successful clothing enterprises boss, which many domestic top men’s brand, also is not very well known but rapid development of women’s fashion brand. Among them, there is a friend, is to do women’s clothing. His clothing business has a distinctive feature – he only dresses in women’s dresses, and nothing else. This is a very thin marketing route, so that his capital from a few thousand dollars a year ago quickly accumulated to millions.

market segmentation.

now I am involved in the Internet, research on the development of many large sites, and found that "market segmentation" for the development of the Internet, the same applies, one of the most famous than Baidu. Before a lot of people have asked me: "why is Google in Chinese compete with Baidu?" my answer is: "Baidu localization do thoroughly, while Google is just in the form of indigenize fundamentally still do not." As a matter of fact, we can also analyze the reasons from the point of market segmentation.

first, we can see that Google is taking the globalization strategy, and on the strength of Baidu is unable to compare, but Baidu is strong in him, in the Chinese language grammar and Chinese Internet search habits, doing better than Google, by contrast, because Google is looking at the globalization strategy. It is not possible to like Baidu, a lot of manpower and material resources with their emphasis on the Chinese language, so from this point of view, Google competition in the China market but Baidu will be not at all surprising.

on the other hand, Baidu at the beginning of the rise, always adhere to the search engine in this way, it keeps him in the development of all, has surpassed other talent shows itself, several Internet giants: Sina, YAHOO and NetEase.

so, we can see from the above two points, according to the special search on Google, Baidu’s tactics is to do local differentiation, or is "localization", we will put this up to the "differentiation" tactics; while the other is not designed to do search the Internet giant, Baidu has only caught a search, we can put this point as a differentiation strategy ".

from these two conclusions, it is easy to see that Baidu is able to achieve today’s achievements, and "tactical differentiation" and "strategic differentiation" is inseparable. In fact, many Internet companies are aware of the "market segmentation" for the development of important enterprises, such as "China first portal: her net", "39 Health Network" and so on, the rise of new Internet companies, in the differentiation of this strategy is the same but the development of ideas unique.

but, is differentiation really appropriate to the sustainability of the enterprise,


as early as a year ago, I studied some famous international clothing brands and found that many of these brands are not made

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