Case study Tencent revised a beautiful beginning

changes in the pattern of information to promote the revision of Tencent network to open up, portal, blog, video, mobile, depth integration of their own high-quality resources. The revision interface is clear and simple, the design is smooth, and the value of the beautiful interface is quite rare.


Tencent web site:, a news portal can have such an interface, let me unexpected. Maybe not everyone can have my deep experience. It’s not easy to design a person who has a sense of it.

Tencent network why revision?

, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, mobile applications, the rapid development, and news portal originator YAHOO into the decline. Ten years ago, the portal prides itself on providing a comprehensive and rich information catalog. Now, more people are using social networks, social media, video, mobile Internet as the gateway to get information. editor Chen Juhong, stressed that "when the platform is no longer the first entrance, we should recognize our content when the depth of operation, let micro-blog, Tencent, Tencent depth video Tencent’s combination, release more energy."

, micro-blog, social media. With incredible speed, massive fragmentation of data, high user participation and communication power. Micro-blog is a port for many celebrities to talk to the world’s audience and from all walks of life. It is an important source of information for media releases. Various details in micro-blog become boiling point, oolong event constantly "happy" bubble, public opinion hot endless somersault.

in the London Olympic Games opened the "global media war", micro-blog become one of the new forces that can not be ignored. Yi Siling won in 60 seconds by millions of forwarding, about Sun Yang’s collar will always lead to YY, Liu Xiang fall, micro-blog Sina attracted massive public server downtime. 1/10 of earth people pass the micro-blog twitter look at the Olympics, and the International Olympic Committee official says London is one of the most social games in history. Micro-blog can break the gap between time and space, with "second push" to bring "zero time difference", "zero distance" of the real scene. I deeply feel that micro-blog is very important in today’s press, micro-blog in Sina up, and Sina, micro-blog traffic has exceeded Sina portal. In Baidu search for a news, at the bottom of the page gives the latest micro-blog results.


video, information technology continues to develop, video is undoubtedly the most promising form of media. From the point of view of information transmission, video can be simple, vivid and direct, showing rich information and incomparable advantages of words and pictures. For real-time reporting, the TV must be scheduled for a specific time distribution, while the live broadcast has a more immediate and sense of scene. More and more people are moving away from TV to online video, with a large number of resources that can be seen anytime and anywhere.


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