Classification and profit model of mobile phone websites

first of all, I’m also a rookie said wrong place, we all bear in mind. After all, a mountain is more than a mountain, ha ha.

, let’s get down to business and talk about the classification of mobile websites. Mobile phone sites are divided into the following categories:

1, mobile mall class

2, cell phone theme class

3, mobile phone software

4, mobile games category

5, class WAP,

6, general class

first talk about mobile mall category, the profit model of this site is very simple, mainly to sell mobile phones, and then get interest from the merchants there. At present do have better OQ and Jingdong mall, beidou.

mobile theme website currently has no direct profit model, mainly through the union channel to obtain benefits, the current relatively wide range of resources is sent to the mobile phone. There are also some websites doing theme deductions, and then extracting them from the league.

mobile phone game software and website profit pattern similar, mostly promotion software or games pay per install, and then get into from the game developers or software developers, now do better with 51spsoft, Mobile Games world, and Chinese mobile phone game in the heart.

WAP website I know is limited, but now most of the WAP station is also to promote the software or games pay per install, there are some sites to pay on demand, I also said that the specific is not clear, don’t throw egg.

integrated website and mall class, subject category, software class and game class almost, here is not one by one.

here I also can not help but stereotypes about my site NOKIA mobile phone web site for more than a year now, I want to write an article (in fact, not only the current account), in order to me more than a year of experience to share with everyone, of course, there are many deficiencies, please the exhibitions, but also hope that with the webmaster friends, especially similar, or B2B webmaster (because I work recently, in an B2B company is a small company, ha ha ha).

finally, ask the administrator and feel this article useful, be reproduced in time, I left the site, after all, this is the first time I Wen, first haha. Well, that’s all for today. My mailbox, QQ, is 4154, five or six, 220. If you want to communicate, please contact me. Thank you for watching.

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