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remembers that the first contact network was in the first year of high school, and learned how to surf the Internet and went to the chat room desperately, from text chat to voice chat. High school is really contact with the forum, because chat met a net friend, users use their own computer at home, the framework of the server, made a forum, so I became the webmaster BBS bbs. Think of it, it was crazy, every day in the Internet cafe 3 yuan an hour under the price of 5 hours when the moderator, waste a lot of money. When I was in college, the second grade because some of the things that pushed all the class positions, Woon Nozurui has become a boring, and will start a website, when the right is to find a place is to their university life leave a mark, and I hope I can make a life for college students enrich the site. Guangdong university student network was born.

did a lot of money on this website, and even took the money to eat, and 3 years later today, I feel very sad. Due to the high school webmaster, users use the forum is network program, I also used the network beginning, later because they do not understand how to upgrade the database, but can not find the support they give up Dvbbs to DZ, but also a high school friend recommended me to use, say good DZ. I am not a computer professional, and I don’t know much about network knowledge, which leads to several times because of the space server being hacked, and I don’t have backup data myself. I need to start from scratch again.

now what you can see is the latest version, which has been running for over a year. The site is now through the Ali Mama advertising and some businesses advertising costs, can barely support the operation of the site, just as a website operator, I am not satisfied with the current situation, but also suffer from not understand how the business development, sad endless.

recently and space service providers and friction, the service provider space that we as long as a station on the impact of the operation of the server, the server that they CPU to occupy 100%, a lot of resources, affect other website customers, also threatened if this happens again on the confiscation of our space, I think this the practice of service providers is unreasonable, but unsuccessful negotiations, the feeling is dumb. I feel a dark coming, my program is DZ, so many people in the country, how can I resource big? How will affect the server? If a friend understand also hope to be able to give me some advice.

come here today to send a article, hope enthusiastic friends to my site to give suggestions, criticism and help, hope you can help me some ideas to the network development of Guangdong college students more good. Thank you all for your enthusiastic friends.

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