Baidu snapshot slow update what can we do


in August 1st this year, the new took over a web site, is doing crystal business, the official website is When I took over, I found that Baidu snapshot or July 17th, has not been updated for half a month. And Baidu included in the day one day in the decline, the ranking of keywords is also declining day by day. Personally, if the proportion of Baidu’s K stations in the near future, if the increase, the site is K possibility is great. To keep websites from being K, I first analyze the shortcomings of the site and list them to see what needs to be improved and then to work out them. I’ve done a couple of main things.

one, ask the boss whether the recent website has been revised, the title, keywords, description and so on is also made great changes. The answer is that the site does not look good, revised, and at the same time that the keyword has not changed for a long time, have also been replaced. Fortunately, changes in the keyword and the original keyword correlation is still relatively high, and at the same time, the site in Baidu also has a certain weight, not in the review period.

two, check whether there is a black link in the link or a long time no snapshot of the site. Do this line all know, in the case of mutual links, one party is down right, the other party will also be implicated. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly the link is normal, timely removal of the right to drop or may be dropped right link.

three, check if there is a lot of duplication or bad quality on your website. Baidu for original content update is quite important, Baidu spider to grab the contents of every day are the same, Baidu will think that your site has been abandoned, no one care, will not be updated snapshot; if the website content and other web content is highly similar, Baidu will think your site is a garbage sites, natural do not often visit your site. Therefore, our website content must be original articles, even if it is false original, must also use their own language to describe, not copy, simple change.

four, check whether the site updates three days fishing, two days of drying nets. Website internal update not a day to do a lot of other time, then do not do, can make rational allocation of tasks to do every day, every day, and update the amount will not be much change, there must be regularity. In this way, the spider will know in advance that you will be updated at some time today. After that time, the spider will come to grab your web site.

five, the existence of cheating on the site?. There is no cheating, we are the most clear, but also can not escape the eyes of Baidu, so do not exist fluke. Especially if you add Baidu statistics to your website, your approach is almost transparent to Baidu.

six, daily continuous hair chain. The chain does not lie in many, must be refined. For example, in the A5 forums, search forums, etc.. High quality >

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