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Since the establishment of the Luoping

blog, the feeling is quite deep, since 3 years has been the site to get a personal blog, but there has been no power, mainly is not something in my stomach, though didn’t website has been doing network promotion work, but on the web marketing and website optimization is utterly ignorant of the sentence. He said: is like pregnancy, the longer the time of something in the belly! I believe age is not long, but with a strong network like momentum, through continuous efforts and learning, personally think that is a success, not to say the network business, at least to support the family by wangzhuan. So, I write Bo to share my real experience, the novice must be helpful, even if my writing ability is very bad, but I think as long as seriously, can understand. (thanks to the blog has been stepped back to Luoping friends. Welcome to my blog,

personal webmaster site, easy,


I would say it’s easy to build a website, but it’s not easy to make a website without making money. A friend asked me, "is it true that the Internet is making money? Can a Taobao customer really make money?" my answer is: "yes, there is.". This is a truth, no matter what can be said in everything. I believe that many of the network did not earn money for people who want to engage in more general network to make money, we talk about life all cannot do without money, work, do business, factory, company is profitable, but the levels and different ways; but in reality, few people will talk about making money online, although China has to become a world power network, but rarely accounted for Chinese billion people, and know the network and engage in money even less. Make money online is like a wall, because in front of the "network", you’re not facing things, you face a "virtual things", so to realize the network to make money, you must enter the network, the network function of experience. I often compare life to the game, well versed in the rules of the game, good game play, you have the material and spiritual wealth, and your life is more interesting; the network to make money too, must understand and know how to achieve network knowledge network using cyber source to make money.

personal Adsense site, not easy,

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I from personal contact network to individual engage site, to share personal webmaster easy or not easy to do a website? I contact network very early, 98 years of high school playing computer, then QQ has been very popular, so playing the Internet chat, but focus on the studies, usually go to spend a couple of hours on the weekend, 02 years is still in high school when he contacted eBay, Daoteng shop, selling things is mixed have some idle goods, game currency, game equipment, and also the students, such as mobile phone, call and so on, because the mobile phone game equipment and big profits, so we always do shop, then to the college entrance examination, did not insist on down. On the University, do not read well, did not graduate on foot, I think reading down boring, get a job

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