n the face of the seizure of the computer room my server go from here

recently, the wave of the Internet sweep opened, by WAP, and then caused by the Internet pornographic information disaster continues, there are already more than a dozen room was sealed, in which there are many IDC companies have reluctantly declared bankruptcy, the recent domestic Internet industry are actually the jittery, China Mobile China Unicom Group of three China Telecom in combating illegal information such as the Internet moves is not wise, against these offenders have really so difficult, must use such a person guilty will jiuzu collective punishment way to solve it, of which there are too many innocent victims on the Internet for many years the room was harvested, 80 blocked port server is stopped IP banned these moves to the webmaster is undoubtedly a fatal blow. But what about them?.

has night black wind is tall, I can understand you Internet entrepreneurs who are anxious, sleep at night at this time, hard days and nights of work by the disaster and swept the… Nonsense, not to mention, since things have come to this point, we’ll take a look at, because the computer room was sealed, implicated in the Internet children’s shoes how to solve, when the occasion, I will discuss with you the ways to deal with.

, here are some of my suggestions:

first, as soon as possible to contact your server provider, let them give solutions or exact solution time, so you have a the next step, if the room is closed to restore the normal operation in a short time, then please wait a bit. On the other hand, as soon as possible to transfer data, contact the new service provider, here I recommend a good quality, the price is more favorable to service providers, Xi’an glorious Internet professional, server rental hosting, independent business telecommunications room, a good solution to the problem of North and South Internet webmaster requirements, you can more a lot of traffic and telecommunications Baizhao shared hosting 8000 a year, more favorable, we can refer to. Ha-ha。

second, how to choose a secure server provider is that you should pay more attention to later, select a good service providers to see 4 points, speed, price, service, enterprise qualification. Speed is the first, this is your choice for server and hosting the most in need of basic services, glorious Internet Telecom Data Center exclusive 80G fiber, and the Tencent, the grand Northwest (main server group), the journey westward journey in the northwest northwest area, the same group of lines, and has been successful for HAO123, listen to music, China blog net, swim long nets, good network, Global trade network, the network to provide IDC service, more mapping a powerful glorious Internet sharing can ensure fast peak reached 8-10 trillion, the effect is very good, interested friends can contact the QQ97631723. price – hosted Telecom 8000. a year with independent management and convenience low cost, glorious Internet by using quantitative service and reduce internal operating costs, enabling users to become the biggest beneficiary. Service – 7 24 hours

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