A little idea of making money at the garbage dump

garbage station SEO is very important, because the content of the dumpster generally does not exist back, which requires the maximum interception of traffic from the search, generally when IP on your time to stabilize around 4000, choose a good lure page and terminal, one day get 200 yuan lower income should be no problem.

was the first to build a garbage station, you should choose a good meter, this is the first step of SEO, is not the best choice for some K, registration expired old, look at the rice history, no problem can be re registered here, said, why a registration, because a the relative weight of the new high, not through the box effect, there is no need to include the problem, there is no evaluation period, get high ranking included preparation. To go there to find a search, expired domain name, see for yourself.

then is to choose the problem space, beginners often feel foreign space is cheaper, the number of G station dozens of blocks, there should be no problem, refuse to do otherwise, according to the observation of foreign and domestic space Baidu spider crawling frequency space is a big gap, GG spiders don’t have this problem, as for YAHOO spider lazy, no comment. More important is the space of domestic foreign general access is relatively slow, although there is no difference between the north and the south, but the area difference of visit seriously! Station mainly traffic from Baidu, IP addresses are domestic, so you need to choose the domestic space to go there to find space, through the surrounding friends is a good way in the online search, relative to their own personal feeling better, Anhui province host space business, service price is relatively good, generally choose 100 megabit IIS at about 100 can be, it is not necessary to buy hundreds of megabytes, and understand in the first chapter notes inside said the same China most of the website content in the basic 100 MB or less, then see, laughing, because I bought the space number G, the actual use of it is fast. I use the space is in University of Science and Technology of China school, has been very good. Private Taobao’s outdated, generally do not buy, cheated, can not find people, although we are doing SEO garbage station, but also requires absolute access stability.

what to do next, is the selection of key words, this is the most important place, but also relate to the success of the technique, the criteria for the selection of keywords garbage station, j is generally 3w-4w high search volume, low content of general edge word 2w-3w as well, what is Bianci wipe this much? Explain, I knocked on so many words, you also need to knock a few words to search, ha ha) that is simple: find the high low edge search related words. Go there to find the edge word, go to sleep at night on the website up to see. Can find a lot of, and then through the Webmaster Station related tools to this keyword for analysis, first look at your future competitors have those, analysis of the home page ranking before the station

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