Find allies for your website and build BRCs in the nternet world

saw the "BRICs in news" (BRICS) meeting of third leaders in April 14th, held in Sanya in China, will discuss how to deal with the problem of how to coordinate major international, deepen and expand cooperation between each other, the problem of how to strengthen the BRICs cooperation mechanism. I didn’t know much about the concept of "BRICs". I read the news reports, plus some information about Baidu. Generally speaking, Brazil, Russia, India, China, as well as new member countries, South Africa, several countries in economic, cultural, social and other aspects of in-depth cooperation. These countries have consistency in their development goals and economic interests. They not only exchange needed goods, but also support each other to a certain extent, and strive for global discourse power and common development.

The development of the global

, let many countries with the goal of allies, with the face of the global economic development opportunities and challenges, not only sharing opportunities, also shared challenges, make countries more rapid development. In the Internet industry, if there are similar "BRIC website" website, the website development is not the pressure will be relatively small? In Lu Songsong’s blog, has introduced "blog alliance", a time is quite busy, but there seems to be no more; in the personal blog of Liu Ya the blog, also referred to the "female independent blog" alliance, included the Internet independent women’s blog, but do not seem to have caused great repercussions, although the number of independent women’s blog together, also did not play for the league, perhaps because there is no promotion.

some people say do network promotion is a network of contacts, do network promotion nature is redoubled, just as the graph king to build the A5 forum, a lot of friends is a new popular forum and his attention directed graph king loyalty, to attract a lot of traffic in the forum period, gradually increased in popularity. In many webmaster QQ group, webmaster BBS, can find some like-minded friends, these friends each other in the operation of their own web site, but their web site intersection very little. In the process, many valuable resources are neglected. In many sites, you can see Links, although is also a means of cooperation, but not between the BRIC countries have so close contact and cooperation, if you can on the Internet in many personal websites, dig out their own "BRIC" website and the website a tacit understanding between the cooperation between each other can promote each other, common development.

if you have an apple and you share it with an orange, you eat apples and oranges at the same time. Similar reasoning is simple, if you share your website resources, but also access to other people’s resources, this is a complementary process, enrich each other’s Web site information. Of course, the "BRIC" for each other should pay attention to the consistency of goals and some differences, like A5 and Chinaz are not likely to form a "BRIC website", because this is the two for the same user’s website, has already been verified Chinaz does not appear in any one of the word "A5" in the "on the site

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