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[core tips] slow company model public comment membership card backstage what kind of? Is it enough to withstand the strong impact from Tencent micro life membership card?


editor’s note: in the "electronic membership card product observation (last): Tencent micro life background", we detailed the Tencent micro life X1 version of merchant background. Through the acquisition and integration of cards, Tencent micro business side of the product from the functional point of view has been relatively mature. This paper will introduce ten years of intensive and meticulous farming dianping.com in the local service areas of life, for businesses, the company which is reflected in the product.

public comment Merchant Center

home page


business center of the home page and Tencent micro life is completely different, just very simple with three icons show for merchants more important membership card, booking and store management three functions.

membership card


merchants can first clearly follow the prompts, step by step to complete the electronic membership card opening, confirmation and on-line.


In the "

" of membership, merchants can query all into the customer’s electronic membership card information, but the information is the primary, only the name, gender, age, birthday, consumer number and other basic information; "consumer records" businesses need to manually add a member in a use amount of consumption of membership cards; "violations" is business itself in the electronic membership card use by customer complaint records.



" is the exclusive membership public comment electronic membership card of the two main functions: preferential discounts and free.


merchants can send discounts, discounts and other messages to their membership card users in the "affiliate marketing", which will be seen in the public comment websites and mobile end news centers.



‘s highly anticipated "booking" feature has opened to restaurants, restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing so far.



married parents is a highly profitable local life service, public comment in the restaurant reservation function after the introduction of the module can understand, but still in the function is not on-line state.

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