Keywords after a good ranking how to make rankings more durable

have a good keyword optimization to get good rankings, even the first Baidu, SEOer may know, is not easy, it can be said that in hard update, original, chain, chain, chain every day…… Of course, once you get the ranking, you will get a traffic flow, in order to have income, so, the webmaster to maintain hard-earned ranking, continue to cycle, as the ancients said: Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult! Optimization keyword ranking too, especially a sought after keywords optimization ranking ranking is more difficult to maintain!


, the search engine algorithm, rules constantly update and change! Plus ruthless manual intervention, the sentence joke words, Feng Shui also said "your turn", so that the search engine may not let you sit in the first place, so we do it have the words are changed, now let the webmaster mining almost, long tail keywords are fierce competition, ranking is not only a few years ago to do a few friendship to do a few outside the chain can fix things. So, in the future, how can we make the website keyword ranking "high",


words such as topic, organ wolf blog and you briefly analyze your own experience and opinions:

1, the premise of all webmasters in your mind! Stationmaster must have a good attitude, first of all is to have a good ranking webmaster mentality, absolutely can not arrogant, feel yourself sitting in the first place, what do not do every day, money can rely on this ranking in the number, if this state of mind, believe that your day is not long. The webmaster must learn to "think", be like before the hard work, to develop good habits to optimize, the original update, such as keyword analysis, internal and external chain construction, but can reduce workload than before, such as the "Jeep men" wolf organ website, ranked from the station, a few months time. But the wolf is still every organ taking a little time in doing the original update, the chain construction, user experience analysis etc.. Because I believe that the search engine is no fool, do not work hard, you will lose everything! So, adjust your attitude, start,


2, website space charge, absolutely not, a good ranking must have a good server, only your website open speed, server stability, to allow Baidu to love your station, give you good ranking! When you have money, rank, authority wolf advise you, with your first money give yourself a good space, if a site open speed is not guaranteed! It also talk about what ranking stable rankings and

?Stay alert,

3 time! Do preventive work in the website space, website program, make your site from the inside to the outside is safer! Why do you say that, the wolf organs encountered this problem, negligence, malicious websites are linked to horse, which is a black lin>

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