How to build a novel station for beginners

my novel station library finally officially launched a few days ago, the days are in the collection of novels and constantly improve some function, speaking of making novels stand really just a hobby, can do stand is the whims of, but the novel has always been my hobby, maybe this is I can really do that. Objectively speaking I can say on the website is the original Internet time although utterly ignorant of, many, but basically spent chatting, reading novels, watching movies on the basis of knowledge, for the web site can be said not at all.

The idea is the rise of real

website some time ago due to accidental contact to Wangzhuan this project, I first access to only the money, registered money, money and other forms of primary investigation hook to make money, just started doing a few days, found that online advertising is playing very well, so onhook software to make the number of days. So vote to make the number of days, so do find basically have exaggerated, one day can earn a few dollars has been good, so do the people can apply for pay out, if I want to get some money to buy breakfast will be there, even if a long time do 20-30 yuan that day is not my goal, so I’ve been thinking if you really want to make a little money or have their own website, so I have to move from the idea of building a website, but I’m not so professional not like people like professional site can easily build a, also it would be easy to sell, I still think if I want to build a website you must have this hobby, and is willing to keep doing the station.

has been my novel hobby can be said to be very clear, I think a lot of young people should have this hobby, so I think it must can do it if I do a novel station I, they have this idea through the network began to understand the novel some station the establishment, basically is the case do novels stand relatively is relatively high: 1. hard disk space must be large, this virtual host at home are generally difficult to meet the requirements. 2. the construction cost is relatively high, because often need collection of server resources is relatively large, multi understand is the basic server for a novel station can also be done, some small station is at least VPS. 3., there is a certain risk of copyright issues,.4. is currently a general downturn in the novel station, many people feel that there is no future to do fiction. Synthesizing these reasons, I can say that it is better not to be a novel station. But after I have considered it carefully, I have decided that my first real website is a novel station. My plan is that as long as the novel stands for a long time, I can do it without losing money, because love is my real motivation!


in line with this principle, I have no experience with the status quo of station foundation, my tone is as far as possible to reduce the cost of the station, just try not to lose thousands of can, through the Internet to understand the relevant information and from.

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