Development of local games and strive to break through the gateway difficult


is indeed difficult to do portal difficult, rare, confused, a place where there were usually two to three normal portal network, competition is fierce, because must know when the first portal, or you may die. There are difficulties, not afraid, afraid of not to solve the difficulties, so use your head, think strategy and do it is the best policy. Briefly share some of the initiatives of a local web site, the idea that there is no "right" or "wrong", representing only the author Ma Longlong’s personal views, just to share.

Weifang Raiders (, a local growth portal in Shandong, Weifang, is actively exploring. Actively explore means to do well the portal, but also actively think of ways to do some portal was not good, not a breakthrough in recent years; local growth refers to the local Weifang now is not the best portal, are in the exploratory stage of development, the network environment is gradually mature, a great opportunity in front of.

now many portal websites of large, but not the whole, now users need to constantly changing, nationwide portals, entertainment sites, community sites and exciting content, people meet the eye everywhere, more lively fun, high visibility, because these objective reasons have hindered the development of local portal. Where is the breakthrough point of local portals? How do you get popular?

Weifang Raiders now do a local web game "struggle", want to use the game to increase the overall viscosity the popularity of the website, the game appeared in things and scenes are often exposed to daily life or the content of the game fully localized, have a certain degree of affinity, generally relatively easy to accept. In the game, but also the ordinary people do in reality, buy land, home, work, money, business and so on, if not as in real life, in the spare time to play the game can give their own spiritual make up, this is the level of the. There are attractive to some of the details of things, such as home around there is a river, may in reality often go for a walk, in the game is also the river, but there are fish or turtles, can play in this line, then can be traded in the game; community is the community network version in reality perhaps, in the game the user is next door neighbor; or in reality, live in the dormitory can live in villas in the game and earned enough money to develop their own projects. Overall, from the game itself has a lot of fun, to attract local users to play, so as to win popularity, and promote the overall promotion of the site.

to break the "gateway to rapidly enhance the popularity, it is also an attempt, and has been paying off, which shows that this approach is feasible, and of course the game itself but also to continue to improve, further retain popularity, popularity and transformation, it is late to consider, to retain as much as possible, in a hurry No traveler what practical significance, do local portal site can refer to a friend.

I have some practical experience to share with friends or companies that operate local portals.


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