Shop promotion can not be ignored in the promotion tool QQ

novice open shop, may have seen many ways of online promotion, may now use these promotion methods, some of these methods is submitted to a search engine, some with mass software, and to want to sell such specialized shop promotion forum forum to promote the promotion and so on. Today we say, our daily life online chat using the most tools QQ, how to make full use of QQ this platform, to promote our online shop.

first, of course, is the QQ chat tool.

but how to make the right use of QQ chat tools, of course, is not everyone else. First, the QQ signed into the store welcome, so many friends to see will take the initiative to ask offerend to help you propaganda, than to send home to their own said XDJM to help promote it to help buy a bit more. Then there is a stranger to you and of course OK, to talk to her about social life, at least a mixed medium, your signature is not a fake QQ chat with you for a long time, people often see your signature you don’t have to say that he will go to see your shop, no better than ctrl+v shop site is much better you think of yourself, you open the probability which of two sites of high. Of course, you can also take the initiative with others, but this is generally cast to focus on cultivating it, I have personally tried, initiative and others to see my signature is to ask you to shop ah, then do not talk, because everyone knows you with his purpose, of course, others open probability you shop is motionless on the ctrl+v shop. Much better. Also, use QQ to leave the automatic response function, what owner leave temporarily, have something to leave a message, and what owner goes out to deliver goods, you can go to shop first, pass the time etc., oneself want.

third, QQ group.

Approximately two

with similar, but a little commercial QQ group can be a little, in addition to an understanding of friends, a major feature of the QQ group is that each group has the theme, you can add a little or a little trading exchange group business, into the group slightly mixed Lianshu can not direct publicity what about the time and trouble, debauch, but also with other sellers to exchange experiences, friendship connection exchange, more direct, but the premise is to mix a familiar face, otherwise no one will get a person usually never talks to others.

fourth, QQ space.

this is really too good, the other is not written specifically to write something about my shop, experience of their own experiences can write his own sad and good wishes are written in, on the one hand to write the log, but most of it is of course publicity. For example, today you wore new goods, you can describe a turn in space, but also the best adding their own personally use feeling, don’t blow to write a real, then add two pieces of real images, the goods posted below in the pat link OK, of course, can also be attached to this log. In your baby description link let >

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