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said, "long walk by the river, where can not wet shoes?". That makes sense. I come to Admin5 every day to read SEO material, and I learn a lot. Also with your eldest brother practice, 513 days off, finally brought me a surprise. My station incredibly rank to Google home page. Share my experience below, please correct me.

is the beginning of my focus is Baidu, after Qiushi, earth, graph king, recluse with no fixed abode (in alphabetical order) are pointing, also do the first station Baidu second page (the first page is extended in the throne), spent half the time being to replace, then I try to do Sogou, this is still very easy. A month has ranked first in nature (now second), the first day I bring more than 300 IP, was really very happy, so published an article called: the Olympic Games Baidu and Google chose Sogou SEO to give up. Continue to study every day to Admin5, always feel a lot of people in mentioning: Google site map. I consulted hadron, understand the meaning of this map, say dry do, also got a web map to Google, spider second days more climbed my more than 300 web pages. This is the ninth day of submitting a map, and the number of my pages in Google has increased from 4650 to 10200. It seems that this map is really working. I summed up the role of the map to everyone:


1 provides convenience for users to quickly understand the structure and content of the web site

2, most of the technical search engine to collect the content page in the website, the search engine spiders will come into the deep web through the site map link, site map design specification but also to "see", the search engine for website search engine optimization promotion strategy is especially important.

I think these second points we have enough reason to let us do a map for Google, my buddy junior high school language organization is poor, critics can add my QQ: 52181027, and my steel union station please show a lot


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