Personal webmaster needs ideal and passion more pragmatic

reading when he was a young cynic, often write some articles in their own understanding of the judge criticized some of the bad things. And always enjoy it. After entering the society, reality have talk about fantasy naive and ignorant, pragmatic work has gradually occupied most of the time, there is no time and energy to consider their own many irrelevant, also cannot change things. Down-to-earth to do what you can do, let me become practical, but although pragmatic, ideal and passion are still not realistic wash out, but has a realistic foundation, ideal and passion to become more reliable with the reality.

in fact, personal Adsense experience, such a feeling has always been there. But we have a new idea and the website, after the on-line, often will be unconstrained, think of many beautiful future. Sometimes this dream will let their smug, arrogant, supercilious. Not to talk about pragmatic, to lay the foundation, do practical things, have experienced the lessons of failure, more and more feel that to do personal Adsense, not only have ideals, but also need pragmatic spirit to practice, to lay the foundation.

when you have an idea, what you should do is to plan it, consider every detail and the problems that may arise. In addition, after the plan is specific to build a web site, the site’s interface, functions and user experience are very important elements. Content maintenance is a long and arduous process, not only to maintain the daily update and innovation quality of content, but also to make content conform to the needs of users.

Interactivity and user stickiness on the

site are not a matter of two days a day, and need constant improvement. Website promotion, marketing, soft text, e-mail, QQ, offline, and other types of publicity, marketing, marketing tools. Don’t slack, pragmatic to do every little thing, write a few article every day, a few articles have multiple quality articles, and many users on the site to communicate several times, the cumulative time, maybe one day you will find that your website has been reborn.

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