The growth of the website lies in the user experience

I’m a personal webmaster, from 2007 after contact MAXCMS started work of their own station (, website orientation films and TV series is a movie site, the main reason is their hobby, but that is not a decent movie free site, originally he is in others stand on the mix, gradually found a site is blocked, website or forum, does not consider the user experience, do not even know what the user experience, management is not standardized. So I hold a passion to build your own web site, I do stand is the core idea of user experience, with empathy to analyze user idea, just site when no users, then think of yourself as a user, because I know the website, the user experience is higher than all

!The root of the

web site is the solution to the problem: what can you provide to the user through the Internet? It’s the only thing to do to solve the problem. As is known to all, it is indispensable for a website to have its own characteristics and have its own content. Early station, each of the articles and tutorials on the web site is to write their own gradually, with the increase of Web site reputation, there will be some enthusiasts to participate, to ensure that the unique website content to a certain extent, is the cornerstone of development. But with the increase in users, because it is a personal website, there is no standard team, the original content is gradually difficult to meet the needs of users.

at this time, once again analyze user experience, they need the same subject content, they are whether you are original or non original. What they want is a tutorial, is a systematic, clear classification of tutorials, so in the second phase of the development of the site, focus on the combination of original and reprint content filling mechanism. But here highlight, reprint is not a simple copy over OK, need sorting even in some places in order to facilitate understanding but also increase the annotation, and to abide by the rules, which in turn to turn to, who are to be clearly marked. It is generally accepted that the Internet is a virtual thing, and the activities of users on the web are often just through a so-called registered account. But virtual things also need to consider the user experience, but also to have system management, in order to retain users, but also to establish incentive mechanisms.

do stand for so many years, emotion and experience is really a lot, and some things are not listed, such as attention to detail, pay attention to user feedback, how to survive, etc., and later to share with you.

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