How to develop valuable personal websites

everyone! Here to talk about how to cultivate the value of 200 thousand yuan, before talking about this topic, there are many friends and my QQ, how do ah, in order to have value! And so on the topic, I briefly analyze:

there are a lot of friends talked about, how do we run web service more users, this time, to have the website value, so it is necessary to meet the needs of Internet users! This is never wrong. Do stand

purpose!In reality,

360, adventure.has; 360 of the network, the same profession, so how to operate it? Just have to say, to meet the needs of users is the valuable website! But to do that type, but here there is no need for me to answer your key. Are you interested in, and your job, or your own love can be, so that you can effectively run the site


let me talk about my practice website! Currently there are innumerable types of Web sites, portals, such as Sina, Tencent, Sohu, of course, there are also small portals, such as certain areas of the portal website resources apartment layout; download site, download resources can also be divided into 360 elements such as oh. The IT class resource site, site is very successful; a navigation website, also have a lot of Oh, such as integrated, navigation industry type, and local navigation, too many sites, the key to see you do that type, you want to see your interest and actual the ability of

to decide!

I do is information website, this website is how to locate it, first from the domain name, apparently do test data related to the website, then this website as a personal website, then how to do this


is the first to analyze the similar sites, what? You can search on Baidu, and many similar sites is very powerful, so how do I go to a good location? Look at similar sites contain a wide content, such as: TOEFL IELTS level Four level six