Local stations regional hot news mining and speculation to find news points and value points

1, we must grasp the local station and the media contact point of time.

we deal with the media, we have to master the time. Then what time is more important, and deal with the media, to operate at the local station, the incident has been detonated, and then talk to the media, in order to have the right to speak, but also to the media on the local station landing. Do not contact the media as soon as you start seeing events, because once the media intervenes in the beginning, we are vulnerable. For example, Shaanxi panda blood incident, the local station colleagues have been accompanied by the parties, but the media reported later did not reflect the local station, which is involved in the problem of time nodes.

2, the master of information sources, the clues in their own hands in order to have the initiative.

The advantage of

local station is interactive, small fast, so hold the information in your hand, and don’t give the information to the media at once. For example, in Liaoning this year to save brother event, started going to open the parties contact at the micro-blog headquarters, then operation recommended to stay local station contact, it will facilitate the media to come to us, and we will also be able to talk to the media about the conditions, when we reflect the landing. Another example of Jiangsu station of the Nanjing massacre survivors are open to speculation, we help micro-blog, and with these people say, that they do not accept any media interviews with people who, if have need, or contact Sina Jiangsu, from Jiangsu station to do interface.

3, looking for news points and value points.

often has feedback from local stations, the media is too strong to cooperate with us, and when events are pushed to them, they are reluctant to report. In fact, the reporter is the pursuit of news value, if we can help them to refine, they will certainly be willing to fall. Therefore, the operation and the market should cooperate with each other and tap the news spots. If you can extract this point, it is a valuable news point. For example, 08 years of the Sichuan earthquake and the Olympic Games, is the news point of mining, such as the number of people involved, how many people will comment, the content extracted to the media, if empty told the media that we want them to do what, it is difficult to conduct cooperation.

4, to package concepts and gimmicks, so that events have been sublimated.

in the event on the basis of further refinement and overstating, instead of staying in the event itself. For example, the beginning of the ride, only Sina and celebrity publicity campaign together, then from the angle of human nature for the packaging, the event is meaningful. For example, Guangdong rescue depression suicide women, we are in operation speculation, by this person associated with depression groups, calling for attention to these groups of people. If you just focus on the event itself, there’s no gimmicks, so repackage it.

5, to fuel the hype.

local station to grasp the whole event, do not follow the trend. Guangdong >