How does the website leave a strong impression on the user

The construction of

site now more easily, even if only a week to learn Chinese Pinyin typing, then find a CMS to begin their journey to the current number of webmaster, Chinese website is an amazing number. So the website can only give users leave a strong impression of talent shows itself, and the user can visit your website or recommend to the people around your website, this is the only way for the solid foundation website profit lay.

1 domain name selection

domain name to follow several points:

the first   domain name and content of the site to adapt to; local sites to take the zip code, place name test, Pinyin domain name, telephone area code is a good choice.

second   domain name is easy to remember, hard to remember domain name, to the user again set up invisible obstacles.

third   domain name easy input, domain name can be used to spelling Pinyin typing is very easy. Digital domain name is the best for those who don’t understand pinyin.

fourth   domain name suffix best choice.Com, this is the default suffix of Internet users, if the user to the domain name suffix memory fuzzy, many people try to use the.Com suffix.

2 site name selection

first, the site name is first adapted to the content of the site, and the user remembers the name to know the content and subject of the site.

second, the name of the site to "the one and only", the unique name of the web site, users not only easy to remember, the more important is the search engine, if users forget the domain name, again search your site name, unique site name is very easy to first search engine. If your website name is "talent net", this keyword wants to arrange the position of the first, its difficulty can imagine.

LOGO 3 site to the atmosphere unique, and website themes unified, so as to give the user an immortal impression.

4 website phone


. The website’s telephone is convenient for the user to contact you, so it is easy to remember the telephone, which will give your users great convenience.

The content of

5 site

first is the fundamental content of unique users visit the website again, a complete copy of the content, the customer service will contact you again? Therefore, the content must be original, or copy the contents to tidy, convenient for users to browse, save the time of users.

second the content of every page layout to facilitate users to browse web content to users, more and more critical, browse web pages in 10 seconds, to determine whether or not to see it, therefore, paragraph title to striking, first to summarize the main content of the page, to avoid a dense, the user will see leave.

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