t is better to make special features than to make all rivers run into the sea


mixed in Webmaster network, also learned a lot of webmaster share experience, in the heart that is a happy, free to learn useful information, greatly promoted my growth. So, now I share my experience to you, please webmaster holding personal field, together with Wu Yi.

first of all, as a regional portal, we must base ourselves on the local market, which is called "one party, water and soil, and raise one party"". For example, in Beijing, is mainly about the Beijing customs, most of it is to miss the old Beijing customs and heritage. In Hebei, Chengde, the natural Mountain Resort in Chengde, where empress dowager Ci Xi once lived, is now a famous tourist attraction.


started doing regional portals, many friends said, "Sina, Sohu, NetEase, so much news, so powerful, how do you compete with a local small website?". The views of friends I have thought, after careful consideration, I found not to compete with them, what I do is based on the local people to provide a more detailed, three-dimensional geographical information service for them to eat in Chengde, playing in Chengde.

if a regional website to cover all the contents of all rivers run into sea, from the national military geographic characteristics, I can only say that as early as possible to close it. Excuse me, because of the comprehensive site to do good, we are very powerful, and their competition is simply the egg stone, a mantis trying to stop a chariot. So, we must subdivide the market, do small, do fine, and only in this way can we succeed. Quanjude, Beijing, specializes in roast duck. Although it is now extending some products, it is closely related to roast duck. This is the strength of the profession, only the specialty is more distinctive, only characteristics can achieve excellence.

An error

many webmaster friends often make website promotion is anxious, remember a friend set up a website, IP traffic is not much, so the registered account in the major forums, advertising promotional stickers, promote their own websites. The end result is that the friend’s account has been blocked because of hard advertising. Compared with hard advertising, soft advertising is more convincing and hidden, can guide consumers in imperceptible, and generate action.

, a buddy is a senior copy of 4A advertising company, told me something about the promotion of soft text, I also do not hide, tuck, and share with you, say bad, do not despise me!


soft advertising is silent, naked propaganda, the effect is 100 times stronger than rigid advertising. Here’s an example to make it more vivid. The title is: "most post-80s migrant workers resume their job and humiliate college students". The contents are as follows:

I was a 80 of migrant workers, the poor at home, a high school dropout, is followed by the village people to work in beijing. But I never give up learning, for the past five years, I have been working steadfastly and diligently