Horse ass modern rail and web recruitment

I have made it a rule to read books before I go to bed at night, otherwise I can hardly sleep. Often can be inspired, and share with you today’s harvest.

horse’s ass, how can the modern railway and recruitment network connected? Have no relevance to the matter, however, since the "hurricane" in Brazil has long been a fan of butterfly wings can cause Texas, why the horse’s ass and modern railway and network recruitment will not be associated with


, let’s start with the ass butt and the modern railroad. The actual reason stems from the size of the railway, and we know that the standard gauge between the two tracks of the American railroad is 4 feet 8.5 inches. Why is this a standard? It comes from the British Rail standard. Because the British were the conductor of the American railroad. Where did the British get such a standard? The British railroad was born from the standard type of tramway. Why should the tram rail adopt such a standard? The original makers of electric cars used to make wagons, and they used the standard of the wheel width of the carriage directly. Why does the carriage have to use such a standard? Because the traditional British rut has a width of 4 feet and 8.5 inches. What is this width based on, the chariot of the ancient Rome army?. Why ancient Rome with a data such as the track width? The answer is very simple: This is the two chariot horses ass trace width, a width for the chariot ride.

this is a famous phenomenon in Economics – the phenomenon of locking". "Locking" means that a group, a society, once it chooses a system, will rely on this system, and in a certain period of time there is the phenomenon of institutional self aggrandizement. The basic characteristics of locking are: self strengthening of the system; in other words, the system reproduces and reproduces in a certain direction. For businesses, the same selected industry with the "locking" problem: a self replicating the prosperity of the industry, is lucky to enter the enterprise; and a continuous self replication industry in decline, the industry in the enterprise is a kind of pain.

smart businesses will choose the product and consumers continued to fall, more sophisticated enterprises will choose the appearance of the network industry.

so what’s the relationship between Internet recruitment and horse ass and modern rail? The answer is: they don’t have anything to do with it. (be fooled, not intentional, ha ha) online recruitment and their "lock phenomenon" related. Under the assumption, the emergence of online recruitment is not a new "locked" industry in the selection of human resources in enterprise human resource management. If the answer is yes, then it will gradually replace the traditional way of recruitment, and in the process of eliminating the traditional way of self strengthening, and eventually form an irreplaceable industry. From the current development trend of online recruitment, we have obviously felt that online recruitment is being characterized by such a feature constantly eating traditional recruitment methods, >