Analysis of the beautiful home page user experience design details

beauty, a God who stand, the social sharing to achieve the ultimate marketing a website. Itself and Taobao guest website difference is not big, but its promotion way is worth us to draw lessons from and study really, not only is the promotion method, but also has its page design and the user experience aspect. What is worth learning and thinking? User experience seems very profound, in fact, can also be understood as a simple design, content, location, page design to meet the user’s habits, to think about how to user. Content to attract users, to cater to the user’s tone. Site theme should be accurate, let users fall in love with your website. Beauty is a successful case, today first from the website homepage, analysis of beautiful design details page of the user experience, hope is something, the author lists the two position on the home page, see the beauty that is how to do


first: designing navigation with primary and secondary navigation

diagram 1: primary and secondary navigation

It is self-evident for the importance of a

navigation site, for example navigation is like a road sign, the user first visit a website, according to the needs of these marks to find their own place to go. For a web site’s home page is the most important page, there are a lot of links on the home page, click on the link and user more love what? This is from Baidu thermodynamic diagram statistics background can be seen, for those who are a lot of users click on the best position, through technical means to make it easier for users to find, for example: the link text bold or color. As above, the main navigation beautiful said some anchor text in bold font, and became bigger, why should such a design? I think it is the most popular column page, click on the highest rate, but also the most beautiful special columns. Change is another website, of course, can follow this practice, in fact, many websites have such navigation design, primary and secondary clear navigation column, let users more easily find the key content.

second: the correct use of popular labels

figure two: the use of home page tags

tags are often seen in web pages. Individuals believe that the tag has two major features: first, it facilitates users to find relevant information, similar to navigation. Second, from the SEO level, labels are also a form of internal chain. As shown in Figure two, said the beautiful home in the main navigation below shows many popular tag links, these labels is the column page under the small classification, such as: long skirts, shorts and other clothing category below, I see some electricity supplier website label also displayed on the home page, but on the inconspicuous page in position. It’s hard for users to see these tags on the front page. In the case of a wide range of products, they can either display the content in the form of a down menu on the main navigation or use the tags. Beautiful home page, the main navigation does not have two level menu, and product types have more, so use the label, as for layout position, preferably close to the main navigation below, can >