Looking at the development prospects of group buying websites in vertical direction

Since the first group buying website appeared in China in

in February 2010, group buying websites have mushroomed, showing a rapid development, and in a few months it has reached the scale of several thousand. However, many of them are follow the trend of the site, the real clear positioning is not much. Only positioning clear, can concentrate on expanding the target groups, A5 group buying network is a clear positioning buy site.

A5 webmaster network, is the development of the earliest webmaster network, A5 group buying network is relying on A5 webmaster network development, for A5 Adsense network, A5 buy network has very important significance.

first, attract more users.

A5 group buying network launched products, including webmaster class software, source code and services, it is necessary for the webmaster products. For example, the site source code, and now on the network to sell the source of good and bad businesses, which caused great trouble for webmasters. Launched by A5 group purchase network products, it must be through the test of the market, have a certain customer base and reputation, can be said to be relatively mature product, so the product quality in the webmaster can be assured, it can attract more webmaster friends; in terms of price, the price is very affordable for group purchase, can save a lot of money for the owners, but also is very attractive, but also to word-of-mouth effect. Therefore, the introduction of A5 group buying network, no doubt can help A5 Adsense network to attract more users, gathered higher popularity.

secondly, accumulate more business customers.


when the merchant’s products to join the "webmaster buy" after, can get very big marketing effect. In the global forum post group purchase a day, there will be great in stationmaster net home page position, in addition to the special promotion group, the group purchase post push to many webmaster forum and SNS website, play a very good publicity, can let more webmaster friends find business products. On the face of it, as prices are lower, they may lose money. In fact, the marketing effect is far more than the loss of the price. Moreover, after the end of the activities of the group comments, the views raised by the owners, but also to help businesses better improve the product. Once successful, the business will cooperate more with the A5 webmaster network. Therefore, A5 group buying network can also help A5 Adsense network accumulation business customers. As you can see from the diagram above, the group buying is very large.

again, explore the A5 webmaster network’s long-term development plan.

A5 webmaster network is one of the earliest webmaster networks in China, which is familiar to many webmaster friends. In recent years, with the development of the Internet, SNS, micro-blog, group purchase websites emerge in an endless stream of new forms of network, but also attracted a lot of attention, in such a fierce competition and innovation under the network environment, the development will no doubt be immutable and frozen behind. >