worked as a software station in Datang

I am

from 2008 to January to do software download sites, in fact, do software download before I knew the download station has innumerable, want from so many websites in talent shows itself is not an easy thing, the first step I have to give my web site.

The site location of

is the first to provide legal authorization, the software download site, the software will definitely green non-toxic. So the user will be assured to my website, and other website popularity to do, will also get software support. The author think well in the positioning of the site later, I started the website the construction. In order to make the site after a stable source of content, but also can get the latest version of the software from the authors, our team after the completion of the basic construction site, start a software developer management area. At present have been developed, summed up the following characteristics, management area.


1 developer management area for all software use, because it is their own management software release, so not only sharing software, free software can also be used; 2 software management area also provides advertising dollars, except at the time of registration will provide 100 advertising dollars, every log in once donated 5 an advertisement to send coins, once a day, not much more to send. Login our website currently offers a variety of advertising style (with text advertising, picture + text advertising, pure picture advertising), the software can directly buy advertising.3 advertising dollars with lower threshold, we present with the purchase of advertising advertising money without any additional conditions, are free of charge. After nearly two months of intense development, the author introduced the software area, by the end of this year, has more than 100 registered software. The author also joined My website has been initially gathered popularity. Interested friends can go to see my website, to see if my website has any special features. My website is called Datang software station, the website is

my contact QQ: 20777989, welcome webmaster friends and I exchange.