Guangyu to soft expert advanced writing is bad also can

These 2 words can be said

soft stumped a lot of people, many people complain that writing is not good to write good soft Wen, Guangyu ask here: to beat is their original is soft? In fact, as long as you discover how to use it can find many good articles, summarizes several Guangyu the method about how to write their own satisfaction and can bring the actual effect of the soft article here.

method 1: webmaster nets find material. Standing friends every day are not in stationmaster net shopping promotion? Sure can meet all kinds of, including the good soft immediately if you feel good, don’t hesitate to collection may be temporarily because of wrong type not to use but one day will be used. This is very simple, good articles can be seen by anyone, so don’t let go when you see it. As for how to change, it is later used in the time.

method two: always pay attention to network hot reports. Guangyu recently promoted an eyebrow time network, as the name suggests a sale with time related site, coincidentally recently one of the things is the fire, is a girl want to change BMW things with time, so he found a Guangyu news report seen slightly to change, because the theme of hot and I instead of just perfect with themes related to send and so had not been deleted, you may read this post. That’s the hot spot on the latest web.

method three: your soft Wen for whom to write, the target user should be clear. As an extension of the staff of a senior webmaster will generally have such experience: no matter how well we always write soft Wen can see that this is in the promotion, so every time you write the soft will feel not perfect enough, it will feel very vexed! Here say Guangyu your soft Wen is for who? Certainly not yourself! You have to remember that not everyone is the webmaster not everyone is to do the promotion! Do you think when you first started to understand what is soft! Give you a soft, do you know that he is in the promotion so simple! No problem, don’t write their own can not see in the promotion of what, even you can not see other people can see


is the three pan through each method can of course want to write their own soft Wen effect also don’t say, you might have seen my soft! Also hope this article can give you some help!

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