From the rise to be suppressed and then to revive my experience of building a station

first statement from the website at present results, I absolutely failed as a webmaster, but from the experience, I feel I am a successful webmaster, a year of my experience of the site is summed up from rise to suppressed to revival! Here to share with you, summarizes some experience and lessons, hope new friends stand walk less detours, an early success! Now difficult webmaster do not be discouraged, I can do it, you can do it!

is in front of the way, so


I am not a full-time webmaster, only lovers, and now work in traditional industries. Get started in July last year, when I am in Guangzhou engaged in sales work, a chance to Shahe clothing wholesale market in a circle, the huge crowds of people lively scene is surprising, even more shocking is the trading scene. Goods such as no money, we all large parcels of Sinotrans, a busy image. I turned around and asked about, this is China’s more famous clothing wholesale market, the product price is very strange, a T-shirt 3 and 5, there is no wonder that even foreigners are running here,


back, my heart a long time can not heal, feeling to see a big business, can make a career! Thought, so many sources, such a low price, even if no money to open the store, if I do a website, the top selling, not too little money to do /p>? "

said, "dry", considering the website to clothing wholesale based, retail supplemented, so the website took a wholesale related name, registered domain name. Then on the Internet to find a good shop procedures, spent 180 yuan to buy a space, on the two or three day, for the 2 night, the website finally stand up. After the website is formally launched, the heart is so excited that it seems that the white silver is flowing to the purse. There will be a room, a car, a beautiful woman, an outstanding young man will be born!


‘s excitement didn’t last long, and problems ensued.

first of all, the supply is not so easy to imagine. For novices, in the wholesale market a few goods prices do not talk down, but do not know those goods to sell, what material, what style, often after the failure of great sense of frustration…… With the wholesalers have repeatedly blocked, "what site you? Never heard of, search is not search!" wholesalers questioned left me speechless, here I see, what is included, what is the ranking! Quickly in Baidu, Google and other search engines to submit their website.

didn’t take it long, but it didn’t last long because statistics showed that few people came in except for their own browsing…… The owners of the home, stationmaster net, outdated website to find a lot of information, just know to do promotion, SEO, and QQ, the forum advertising began, the results we as can be imagined, I left foreleg, the post has been deleted…… Anyway, in addition to SEO is too profound to be understood, search.