A month time station target keyword ranking second wise remark of an experienced person

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SEO also has 2 years, mainly engaged in the fierce competition of Baidu ranking, because the competition is more incentive funds and Technology Co. in his hand he just chose the Baidu index within 800.

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http://s.1.76chuanqisifu.com understand the webmaster to see that I am doing what type of station, I do a good job in the station before, first in the local will be all ready to work that is to say, before the domain name website all the work all done, the new general station released 5 to 6 original articles. After all the sites have been finalized, I upload the space and bind the domain name. Such a new station is ready. (the purpose of doing so is to facilitate the rapid collection of Baidu web site)

new station shelves after the first step, I bought 3 more than PR5 snapshots, 24 hours of web links. (snapshot within 24 hours of the purpose of spiders quickly grab, PR5 above the purpose of giving Baidu a good first impression).

new station shelves second steps, very simple, that is, second days to add a few original article. (in second days, third days have not increased, even afraid of cheating) I use the above station step, do not less than 5 stations, almost all 3 days Baidu included home page.

after a few paces before the operation of Baidu has included home page, as I think Baidu is also included is not released snapshot. Oh, over about 1 weeks after Baidu will be included in the article put out, of course, target keywords are now in the hundreds, then I added to the original at the same time began the increase of quality (even high quality > =pr4). After about half a month, the ranking jumped directly from the top 3 pages. At this time, do not do too much action, or repeat previous work, original plus external. But now the company is different, but every additional original, followed by a connection to the inside of the page of the company.

after this month’s efforts, the current site targeted keywords ranked second, the day related ip600+, such as:


traffic is not much but worth novice, veteran can laugh!

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