2015 where is the news platform s content still king

Abstract: 2015 will be a more intense year for news platform competition, and the sophisticated content operation and commercial realization will be the focus of competition. And who has the most extensive user base and the most high-quality content resources, who will take the lead in achieving large-scale profitable opportunities.

has four big portal Sina, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, after several years of transition from the PC to the mobile terminal after suffering in 2014, has spent a period of anxiety, and entered a relatively stable stage of development. Especially in the mobile terminal traffic battle has officially come to an end, including Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, Phoenix, headlines today and other news platforms have retrieved billions of dollars of users. In 2015, the news platform will enter a new stage of fine operation and large-scale realization.

fine operation: is the content still king?

first, for news clients, the content is still king. But the way things are organized has changed dramatically. In the PC Internet era, with the four major portals as a representative of the news media reports and reprint platforms rely on their organizations to build their own reporters and editors written content. In the increasingly competitive era, especially the advent of the mobile Internet era, these methods will be completely changed. According to the East observation, at present, the news platform content organization is characterized by the following five trends.

first, quality exclusive content resources are still king. New media, including news, video and other content to win the content, the quality of exclusive content resources are almost "hard currency."". To obtain high-quality exclusive content resources in two ways, one is the content of self-control, such as Tencent news topic today, NetEase news daily relaxed moment, the Sohu of the entertainment news headlines and the like are representative of the self-made program. The other is the introduction of high-quality exclusive content resources. For example, Tencent and NBA signed five years of exclusive cooperation, Tencent will play hundreds of high-definition NBA competition in the coming season. Through this agreement, NBA will provide the theme programs for the Tencent users, the Tencent will also launch a new NBA live events and columns, including NBA preseason, regular season, all star weekend, playoff finals, summer league and NBA draft etc.. These exclusive quality content resources are an important barrier to build differentiated advantages between news platforms. In particular, such as NBA, a global event, but also the news platform is extremely scarce high-quality content.

second, UGC content is valued. Obviously, exclusive content resources are always limited, as a client of users billions of dollars, must meet the needs of people from all walks of life of the "taste" of information, which need to strengthen the richness of content. At this time to encourage users to create content UGC mode starts to play its role, and it is also the major news platform for "position" people from the media, from the media industry to encourage the development of the mind, especially to continuous mass production "