50 minutes to raise tens of millions of pet bears how to do Chinese Petsmart

following the pet porch electricity supplier network to complete the B round of $25 million, pet collar obtained Rongyin capital of ten million yuan investment, focus on pet care, pet bear has just completed the 10 million A round of financing, the overall valuation of 100 million. But in particular, this financing is the current most fiery form – all chips. This is probably by far the largest public equity financing in the field of financing. How does a pet bear rise suddenly? How do you finish ten million chips in 50 minutes? What are the unknown stories behind it?



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pet bears give up the number of institutional investment, choice of Internet financial hot chips mode, in addition to try new financing mode, more is to test the market confidence in the pet bear brand, and also pave the way for preparing for later access to more first-tier cities. In the launch platform — cloud chips to the above all the chips, hot conditions far beyond imagination: the congregation officially began on the same day, 15 minutes to raise 9 million 200 thousand, 50 minutes after the full $10 million, the amount of funding has more than 20 million, with investment of up to more than 70, the cloud platform to raise the data on the rising.

with the development of the pet industry, the opportunities created by the whole market have aroused the interest and concern of the capital market. Venture capital has accelerated the layout of the pet industry: dog people network in 2009 to get millions of dollars venture capital; Pet Pet Network in 2008 and 2010, Lenovo, the Qing division and other two rounds of investment of about 10 million U. s.dollars. The dog gets Ali, Softbank jointly invested $10 million in 2011; 2014 porky network also won the Goldman institutions such as tens of millions of dollars.

, according to current figures, China’s pet population is growing rapidly: the number of pet in China has increased by nearly 900% in the 10 years of 2003 -2013. In 2013, China’s pet dogs, cats and other pet (excluding birds, fish) total has more than 400 million, is expected to by 2015 this figure will reach 500 million. China’s pet industry sales exceeded 90 billion yuan mark. (data source: European Perspective (Euromonitor))

and western developed countries compared, American family pets rate is 62%, the annual sales volume of $55 billion; the Japanese family pets rate of 45%, the annual sales volume of $15 billion; and the Chinese first-tier cities pets rate is less than 15%, the annual sales volume of just over $10 billion, only the United States 1/8. Compared to the domestic industry is still in the primary, extensive mode of operation, the United States in the pet market, this has been relatively mature operation. In terms of size, the United States has only one pet products market, and the ratio to China is 6:1 (both GDP ratio 2:1). From the point of view of industrial diversification, the United States has stepped forward in the field of subdivision