2014 grassroots webmaster’s way out

maybe a lot of people will be like I used to be. I was confused about what kind of websites I was doing. In the Internet, there are countless articles about what to do and what to do. However, do not know if you noticed, we think there is a feeling of click into place when viewing this kind of article, but after reading this article when we think carefully, mom, what should I do what kind of website


today is not to tell you the harvest of SEO technology, we talk about what do what the website can let us have a grassroots way, believe that everything has been the webmaster all know, rely on advertising alliance that money really can starve people! Do not want to starve to death, not to be we need to abandon the Internet, another new road.


blog + Taobao recommended levels.


see the words above the estimate you will understand, yes, is to use a blog way to sell Taobao products, if you have a home or dry business around the wholesale market, then you can do a blog, in the blog we can customize your own goals, such as your blog is to write SEO, then you will update your article or blog can also be reproduced, when certain views when you can hang your Taobao store, and then hang up their Taobao advertising in advertising above their own. Note: most of the men who do SEO are male compatriots. If you sell clothes or sell men’s clothes,

advantages: blog is a good stuff accumulated contacts, ordinary grassroots webmaster no money, no resources to resources, some is a pair of hands and a brain, such as the grassroots webmaster early on not to think overnight, but through the Internet to accumulate their own contacts, and the blog is the best tool to get customers agree, so neither money nor resources friends can have a blog, and the probability of successful blog compared to other sites more likely to succeed.

disadvantages: high industry experience, with good writing ability, so I want to have a blog you need to exercise your writing ability, even if you can not write, but also to force yourself to write, you may write, write, write ah ah ah get used to.

local * * * * portal recommendation grade

said that although the local portal is a type of local portal website a commonplace talk of an old scholar, mainly for local services to advertisers to portal advertising, we are in operation when we must pay attention to add some more local services, such as weather forecast, forum, or market like these, I believe that did the local portal people is not very strange. At present, the small and medium-sized stationmaster relies on the local gateway to make money the innumerable examples, no matter when this profession forever can not be full, the bumper harvest, also suggested that everybody do the local service website (also >!