Brief analysis of group buying process and group purchase analysis

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[group buying has always been developed]

with the birth of the group, development and integration of scrimmage, we are no longer strange for group buying. The earliest contact with the group is introduced in early 2010 friend Zhang Jili, then saw the beginning of the United States Mission network, as well as the prevalence of Groupon in the United States (founded in November 2008, to buy online friends as a selling point). Its unique feature is: only push a discount product every day, each person limited to shoot once a day, discount products must be the type of service, the service has regional, offline sales team size is far beyond the online team. The group purchase model understanding only stay in the service coupon promotion stage localization, and today, the domestic network group purchase mode has a spoiler for the electricity supplier industry of muddy water, because of the spread of the concept of group purchase "low quality", the network consumers turn Taobao, while staring at their love of the group purchase platform every day, even traversal browse for brother group purchase platform, looking for a high quality and low price, the products they need.

today, the domestic group purchase website clearly had not had to actively seek business cooperation, find high-quality goods bargaining cooperative scenario, only less than 2 years, because of the special background of domestic Internet group purchase mode, and the pattern of turnover. The U.S. mission network, Wo Wo Group, the United States group, F group, tick group, tick group. Sticky rice, 24 coupons…… Even the 58 group, QQ group, handle group, NetEase group, Jingdong, Sina group, micro-blog group, Taobao group, where the club group (Juhuasuan) the traditional portal, electricity providers have joined the army of group purchase…… Group purchase is more than hundred regiments, thousands of war group purchase? Through the embryonic stage, the development of communication, staking, armed, and is being staged in the spring and autumn and Warring States annexation war.

current online group is the main force of young people aged 20 to 35 years old, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen and other large cities are very common. Net friends together consumption, collective rights protection, while the group network company to provide network supervision, to ensure the participation of vendors qualification, supervision of product quality and after-sales service. Online group buying has changed the rules of traditional consumption. The core advantage of group buying is reflected in the more favorable price of goods. Consumers generally receive discounts ranging from 5% to 40% depending on the number of people they buy and the number of products ordered. So that everyone can find more preferential buy goods, so that consumers do not know the common enjoyment of quality and inexpensive services, which is the highlight of the network group buying.

[buy mode re analysis]

group buying website traffic data analysis

comes from tools: Google trends/, Baidu index / Baidu statistics for domestic >