About soft text copyright issues common soft fudge routine and Countermeasures

tangled topic

tangled for a long time, finally still feel that should talk about this topic. For I like Professor Carleton University focused marketing staff is concerned, this topic does not want to tangle. Although many people only for the team service, but think we spent a lot of brain cells, research programs, or soft text, accidentally be fooled, and want to keep restraint is difficult. Uncle flicker can make you entertainment, but this is the largest flicker make you stupid.

these problems arise mainly in the online gens, or freelance or professional witkey. Here’s a talk about common, evil, Fudge routines. Hope to arouse the vigilance of colleagues, it is best to play a role in attracting jade, not lead to jade, do not throw around, hit the children, how to do, can not hit the children, hit the flower is not good.

common flicker scenes and routines

1, violence Huyou

common in Witkey platform, the tender side out a little money, soft Wen bidding, and said to find excellent long-term cooperation. In fact, according to the rules, usually only one or a few can win the bid, and the unsuccessful manuscript is handled in theory. As a matter of fact, you can hardly prove that the original edition belongs to you if you change something like this. Or, although the article itself is not available, ideas are available. But the other party does not necessarily pay for your ideas.

is more comic, some tender instructions, will ask the bidder to send the manuscript to the major platforms, first view its effectiveness. But the actual problem is still only a few won the bid according to the rules. Even if you want to delete the failed manuscript, you have actually made a contribution to others, and this contribution is free of charge.

‘s bad behavior is that the soft issues mentioned above, if you do not find each other, will not take the initiative to tell you, like stealing things, take the initiative to admit it, or less.

if you find yourself, the soft text is stolen, call the past, the other party will usually tell you, need verification. If you call again, you may be told that this problem has been caused by errors such as staff manipulation. Some will express their willingness to pay for it. Some things dragged on, directly onto you feel shy, with someone for a hundred dollars continue to call, constantly depressed.

obviously the question is, if you don’t find yourself, will the other person contact you? In fact, no matter how much the soft text doesn’t cost RMB, someone will play with you. In the final analysis, this is a question of integrity, say big point is character problems.

is Professor of the Carleton University I called the violence is flicker, because this kind of flicker, like a big day of violence robbed, does not have any technical content. If there is technical content, is that people can talk to you and tell you can drag, drag the end.

2, off line trading,