ntegrated wall dealers to communicate with customers need to be wary of making these mistakes

over the past few years, the development of integrated wall industry fire, which is more and more people attach importance to the quality of decoration has a great relationship. A natural fire industry to attract investors to join, so that the integration of wall dealers began to increase. So how to do a good job integrated wall dealers? The first is to be good at communicating with customers, do not commit these mistakes in communication.

1: no plans for communication

the correct approach: communicate with customer money to do detailed plans to guide customers, not customers to guide you.

2: the two sides win each other exchanges, do not talk about

the right approach: to discuss both refined and courteous, seeking to achieve a win-win situation, is really.

3: do not show themselves superior to

the right approach: respect respect for customers, competitors, understand the customer’s demand, as long as seriously introduced himself product characteristics can be.

4: don’t show inappropriate behavior

The right approach:

5: pretend to drop by. Customers do not like to play such a joke

the right approach: speak directly to your true thoughts, is a sincere wish to visit you right.

6: not too commercial.

the correct approach: don’t talk about export commodity, and friendly smile…… To make friends, make friends.

7: not too much curry favour.

the correct approach: no commercial is not too friendly, don’t pretend like long lost friends, who believe?

8: different opinions, not eager to debate and change.

the correct approach: listen carefully, ask him why he thinks so, and then speak your mind.

9: lack of necessary industry knowledge.

The right approach:

10: no follow-up visit.

The right approach:

and customer communication is the integrated wall do a sales important way, integrated wall dealers in communication with customers must be able to pay attention to methods, don’t make some stupid mistakes to get the money to fly away".