Clickbank promotion to Mylot hair soft some experience

yesterday a brother asked me to do this Wangzhuan Clickbank determined not to earn money, I answered very reluctantly. Because I really do not know if I can make money, I must have never experienced it. I just see people making a lot of money collection, and I itch. In addition to their English proficiency is good, but also have the time and ability to do such a test, then try it.

to now, I have done that Clickbank small station has been ten days, it has been insisting on an original English every day. Google included also good, now every day from Google search to have seven or eight foreign IP.

we all know, like this SEO by making money, playing natural flow warfare, not much natural flow is not seen any results. In the early days of website promotion, the content of the web site is about the same time, personally feel that the best way is to do soft Wen promotion, on the one hand, increase the chain, on the other hand, can get some directional traffic.

these days have been in Mylot hair soft Wen, accumulated some experience, now share. First talk about Mylot for soft hair a few advantages.

1, Mylot classification is very detailed, more detailed than some domestic forums, so when the soft Wen is easy to find the target population.

2, when publishing new articles, the web site default is sent to your friend’s mailbox at the same time, so when you send the soft text, but also can play the effect of mail promotion.

3, from my soft some experience, the site visits a lot, the weight is relatively high.

4, just send articles, reviews, and money in mylot.

about Mylot release soft text should pay attention to matters.

1, the station will not limit what the new article, there will be no prohibition of keywords, so when you send the article, as long as there is no Chinese characters, basically can publish successfully.

2, but foreigners are not stupid, although they do not manually review articles, but they have better, more fair way to judge the nature of advertising articles. As soon as you publish the article, there are Mylot users who add some tags to "commercial, advertising, soliciting customers", and your article one hundred percent is deleted. This is a situation I found earlier when five articles were deleted.

3, the article can add hyperlinks, as long as they are not added to the "commercial, advertising, soliciting customers" label, there is no problem. How to avoid not added that kind of label, this depends on your soft Wen skills.

4, and a method, one hundred percent will not be deleted, at least until now, one of my has not been deleted. Go to your personal data (profile) and put a link to your website. Then, when it comes to advertising, add "go to my >" at the end