How does the user experience distance improve user efficiency and satisfaction

good user experience is easier to narrow the distance between users, improve the efficiency of users to complete tasks and user satisfaction and comfort of the process. Here are a few small details about the user experience distance:

1, bubbling floating layer


when the user need to delete the picture, click the "delete" button, there is bubble floating layer prompts the user to delete, users only need to focus on the visual image, reduce the visual burden, and there is no need to move the mouse for a long distance to click the OK button, it reduces the burden of manual operation of the user; compared to modal pop-up window, the user’s attention, narrowing the scope of visual thinking switching closer, but also shorten the distance from the mouse.

is similar to deleting photo operations in iPad:


bubble floating layer, shortening the visual, thinking, manual operation distance.

2 and Google+ circle grouping



in google+, want to pay attention to other people and join the circle, just move your mouse to "focus" button, and then click to complete all operations; if you need to create a new circle, only with the completion of a floating layer, the operation experience is very smooth. User vision, attention, and operation are done in a very small area.


and micro-blog need to pay attention to, first click the "attention" button, fill in the "note the name" – "select group", click "save" button to complete the whole process of attention; no matter where the click "attention" button, all the visual focus switched to the center of the screen pop-up window, so the user’s visual focus and the mouse to move a long distance:


3, Google, that is, search instant


Look at the Google

in the search in the input when the input box below the floating layer will display relevant keywords, the user can directly select the keywords, without the need to enter the full phrase; at the same time the following search results will be updating (temporarily only support English version), no need to click on the "Enter" enter key. This fast and easy search experience shortens the user’s workflow and search results.

4, symmetric interactive