Baidu algorithm is now big adjustment new Adsense more careful

The biggest adjustment of

network rumors of Baidu in the history of the white algorithm especially, pay more attention to the source of the chain, is said to be on the forum and blog links to right down, we all know, the traditional method of the two construction of the chain will be stationmaster abandoned. For new webmaster, a new opportunity has come, Baidu relaxed the requirements on the new site, the weight of the new on-line station almost doesn’t pay attention to the construction of the chain and the external links, that is to say, the new station just need to do the internal content on the line.

below, say my point of view.

1, reproduced, pseudo original and original are necessary. Pseudo original proportion should be relatively large, you will not too much, occasionally one or two also is a good way, as for the original is not too much, we don’t have so much energy to the original, if you have money, please some writers can also help the original, at a later stage, the site has income. The proportion of the original should be greatly increased, and you just spend a few money, find a few people to help you write the original article.

2, the experience of the site to enhance. Of course, the speed is faster, of course, the picture is also necessary, you can not say that the entire station on a few pictures, but also very ugly, so that it is unsightly, but also unattractive crowd. Choose the chain picture album, but stable, this is just the early, you can find some free stability slightly better point of the chain picture space, to the late stable income, you can find some of the good reputation of the space charge, after all, is to free the cup, but also can do more beautiful pictures does this beauty, I have a suggestion, the picture is not how can mind can be very beautiful, free way Ali Mama advertising production is very good, and then find a picture compression tool to reduce the size of the picture, the loading speed convenient lift chart sheet. Taobao personal suggestions of the guest, best not all reproduced Taobao store pictures, if I changed the picture, you do not follow the cup, and so give people the feeling that you are pirated people, bad impression.

3, change the way to engage in the chain. Relative to the chain way before the Forum blog links are down the right, BBS signature is not worth the money, the portal was weighted, Baidu algorithm adjusted, so that their products weight should be bound to increase, it is this way, forcing us to master Yao a way to do the chain in Post Bar, know, Wikipedia, if successful, the weight of the chain is also considerable. Also, if there is no way in these three places, then find Baidu partners to start it, after all, it is for partners, especially portals, but also to take care of. So, I suggest we all curve rescue station, ~~

why is the opportunity to say that the new station, because many people have returned to the same running line, and the method should be re explored, and for the webmaster, we must learn from each other, progress with each other. Above are three immature opinions of individuals. Welcome to criticize and correct.