Electricity supplier online customer service system solutions


with the continuous popularization of Internet technology, more and more enterprises began to move towards e-commerce, Taobao double 11 madness, 19 billion 100 million of sales have confirmed all this. As Ma Yun said: "ten years later, China will not have e-commerce, the reason is that e-commerce will be completely integrated into the blood of all enterprises, and become part of the daily operation of enterprises."." However, e-commerce is still far from mature, and some enterprises simply imitate or blindly invest, it is difficult to realize the true power of e-commerce.

how to through the online customer service system to improve the enterprise’s electronic commerce operation ability, help enterprises to enhance the online sales? Some of our problems by the electricity supplier of enterprise process actual analysis, give full play to online customer service system network marketing function, described by the show.

1. site access is good, online trading volume is not ideal.

through the web site optimization, and various means of promotion, website traffic has improved significantly, but the actual transaction volume is growing slowly, partly because there is confusion and doubts in the visitor browse products, but also do not have a channel to confirm this situation, visitors will naturally give up to buy. If there is no effective bridge between the enterprise and the customer, it will affect the customer satisfaction and bring about the negative impact on the enterprise. Through online customer service system can be a good solution to this problem, when visitors appear suspicious, click customer service icon for consultation, customer service personnel through professional answer can dispel customer doubts. At the same time, customer service can also be monitored by site visitors, according to the visitors stay time to determine the intention to buy visitors, and active online communication with visitors.

2. new and old visitors can not identify, customer information can not be obtained in a timely manner.

traditional telephone counseling, customer service is often unable to distinguish between visitor identity, need to confirm through communication. On the one hand, this approach greatly affects the efficiency of customer service; on the other hand, every time the customer repeats personal information, there is inevitably a feeling of boredom. A light through the Internet technology, accurate identification of new and old customers by visitors, in the customer information management module, customer service in the first time to grasp the customer’s basic information, purchase records, customer service service, complaint records etc.. At the same time, we can also with the enterprise’s own CRM, ERP, order management, OA and other systems integration, to achieve information sharing and unified maintenance.

3. uses the Internet to promote, but the effect of promotion can not be accurately assessed.

with the electricity supplier development, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in order to open the network market in a short time, the Internet has become an inevitable choice for enterprises. Common promotion methods include SEM (search engine marketing), EDM (e-mail marketing), CPS advertising, etc., then how can we evaluate the promotion effect well, and timely adjust the promotion plan is appropriate?