How can a webmaster avoid being regarded as an amateur website


to network business people, is an easy question there is a website like amateur (personal) website, it is easy to make people distrust and influence of business development. Here, we summarize some common features of amateur websites. Please try to avoid:

1, cluttered pages, backgrounds,

this is one of the most easy problems for beginners. They like to use bright colors or bright pictures as the background of the web. In fact, it often does more harm than good.

so, what’s the best color for setting the background? Use the following statement:

< BODY bgcolor=white>

yes, it’s just a plain white background, but it’s good for many occasions and can match all the other elements on the page. Think of Yahoo station, you will understand. If you really want to have a "cool" effect, then you can use black instead of white. Of course, you may be able to cite successful websites using other colors. But they largely follow the rule that the chosen color matches the theme of the site. For example, bright colors are used for children’s websites, and soft colors are used for business websites.

also, don’t use picture backgrounds. Recall that browsing in your website, how many use the background? Little? Actually, the reason is very simple, people come to your website (especially business website), you want them to read your content, or enjoy the beautiful picture? And this kind of background and a defect slow down the speed of "loading. In addition, without the background of the picture, it means to show to visitors: "we win with high quality content (products or services), not fancy decorations."". Do you have this confidence,


if you insist on using the picture background, make sure it is bright so that it doesn’t affect the reading of the previous text. To do this, you should test each page. The picture background can be pieced together by a small picture (that is, tiled), or a full large picture. But the latter is prone to problems, especially when using frames. If the display resolution set by the visitor is different from that used in your design background, the page display is incorrect. Typically, with higher resolution visitors, you see more than one background image, which is tiled automatically, but the puzzle is incomplete. In addition, this picture appears stuck in the frame when scrolling through the screen.

2, mediocre, chaotic graphics,

has just come into contact with web design and is always stuffed with beautiful pictures. It seems like "human nature", but this is another taboo for professional websites.

remember, you can use pictures only when the language is difficult to express, and the pictures should be concise and the size of the files as small as possible. Don’t easily use pictures instead