t’s important to know how the local station can survive as much as possible

Hello, everyone, I’m struggling. Today, I’ll talk about some details before the local station is on the line.

You should make a general plan before the

site is on the line. The plan should at least include the following items: the positioning of the site, divided into sections, the choice of the domain name, space, program selection, template selection, content filling, how to promotion, how to maintenance, profit model, the formation of the team.

Localization of

sites must be accurate, otherwise the day is likely to become unable to find direction. The site has only one original goal: to survive anyway. Therefore, the initial positioning of the site must not be too big, not for large and whole, but only small and refined.

column should be divided correctly. At the beginning, don’t divide too many columns, too much will scatter a lot of energy, manpower, material resources and financial resources. In this way, instead of doing everything well, it is better to concentrate on one or more columns, and make everything fine. The chances of success are greater.

domain name better remember, good input. The domain name must be selected. If you are going to concentrate on the station instead of playing it, you must choose a domain name suitable for branding. The future of your success, the high popularity of the website, to the station, whether to replace the domain name? If you have limitations? I used to use is the local name in pinyin, but here we are divided area, not the name. So I changed the domain name in advance to a popular domain name and name: oil field residents network, so even if it is made in the future, to other areas open sub station, you can continue to use the current domain name. If you use local names, there are certain limitations and barriers to other areas.

space needs to be stable and fast; a stable and fast website can retain more users. Remember, cheap goods are not good, but expensive is not necessarily good, I myself also used a few space providers to find a good. Speed, stability, and service are good, not here, so as not to think of AD (about the choice of domain names and space, a lot of articles here, no longer AO)

program, or choose mature intelligent site products, their own development, the cost is too high, the site needs a lot of money at the beginning of the site, is not conducive to the development of the site. (of course, if you are rich in funds, there is no say), intelligent station must choose suitable for their own, skilled operation. Do not let those dazzling introduction blind eyes. OK, just try it. Here you can look at the program provider, the official forums, general good procedures, with more people, forums popular very much, the site is also a problem can be very convenient for help.

template is best not to use the default template, repetition rate is too high; stereotyped website is always bad. Make people think it’s copy.

content must be attractive, unique, and differentiated; if you have content, people also have, then why do you want to go to your website?