How to facilitate the user management by analyzing the interaction design of the website pass

now more and more enterprises and companies involved in the concept of a pass, then pass in the end what should look like? What kind of pass is simple and can meet the needs of users? The author singled out several mainstream Internet products and makes a brief analysis:



(Sina pass Architecture)

Sina registered pass: I want to register a member of sina, but at the top of sina’s home page, there is no member registration button. If you have to find the word "member registration" on the home page, then go to the bottom of the page. Another way is to enter the wrong user name and password on the home page, click login, you can jump to the login screen, in the login screen, you can choose to register members.

first of all, Sina uses the mailbox as a login name, the user registration must fill in the mailbox of sina mailbox, otherwise it will prompt that the mailbox name can not contain special characters". Then you will not rule out registration success, is the character input wrong? And try all full width half angle, the result also ended in failure. Careful, you will find a small hint on the top information, prompt: if you have a common mailbox, can also be used to register Sina members.". That means the default registration interface, you have to use Sina mail. If you have to use other mailbox receptions, prompt you to include special characters in your mailbox.

Ps: estimates that the Sina mailbox team will have an additional number of KPI users. This affect the user experience in the premise, that is not desirable.

the second set of safety information, require the user to fill in the password and confirm password, security verification is required.

, fill in the personal nickname "

" again

finally, enter the validation code to complete the registration


registration form 7, compared with the existing Internet product registration process is more complicated, but Sina has a very clever approach, is the value of our study, the dividing line, the seven item form using segmentation method, divided into 4. At this point, the user’s feelings only need to fill out 4 forms, it will reduce the user’s psychological burden.

enters the pass pop-up window, prompting the binding of the phone and binding mailbox. Choose to enter the project such as: Sina blog "your blog has not yet opened, only one step operation can open your personal blog, need the nickname" blog name, nickname and privacy settings to open blog. Into the micro-blog prompt, Sina mailbox account (can not be modified), gender, location and verification code, you can open micro-blog".