Let Baidu experience become a magic weapon to promote tourism network

recently used Baidu experience to promote Changsha to Phoenix tourism network has achieved great success, the flow of the chain increased not to say, and also improve the conversion rate of tourism products, therefore, the author wants to bring that experience extends to the mainstream of domestic tourism websites, especially the local tourism website by Baidu promotion. Good stuff you need to share, to be clear, the summary is not good, please master not Paizhuan, as is valuable, enhance exchanges, deficiencies, please.


first: about Baidu experience

Baidu experience is Baidu following Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia and Baidu library launched a new knowledge of new products. Baidu generally included fast on their company launched products, Baidu spider come often, high traffic, ranking, authority and credibility, Baidu also hopes to develop their own products, get a lot of visitors from Baidu search results, so we can get more users, to provide one-stop service. Experience this product can make up for some of the shortcomings of knowing and Wikipedia, the experience is written by the user himself, and do not have to refer to a problem or an entry, and then through the Baidu search users. If you make good use of it, Baidu experience can become a weapon and a magic weapon to promote the content and products of tourism websites.

second: Baidu experience and travel network

travel network can provide:

tourism is composed of eating, living, traveling, shopping, shopping and entertainment. The tourism network integrates a lot of travel notes, Raiders and other tourist experiences, as well as a wealth of information products.

Baidu experience can bring:

is now the largest user of Baidu search engine, the importance to. At the same time, a lot of Baidu platform display content, has great credibility and authority, according to the experience, is generally written in some way, if you want to promote your web site, you can find an article, write it to experience, join the original link in the reference, then OK.

throughout most of the domestic tourism website, although in different forms, but basically is through the rich tourism information to increase the flow, through travel Raiders, share increase user experience, enhance user stickiness, and then converted into the corresponding benefit, because of travel Raiders, travel, experience, and experience is very common in Baidu the main carrier, it is a guide people to understand something of the article, and tourism are closely linked, can help people know more about the situation, and to eat, wear, live, row, experience.

tourism website content, to Changsha to Phoenix travel network as an example, attractive in line with the core competitiveness of the products such as free, Changsha to the Phoenix three tour line, do not make real difference good business model, massive travel Raiders and play experience, play feeling, full of fine Phoenix, Zhangjiajie destination attractions, accommodation, shopping, entertainment introduction >