Case study advertising elements and click through rates of websites

wrote about 3 hours last year in response to a job in an advertising company for about.

cited data and didn’t know how it was, so it took.

a year to send it back

related data download address

look at the article, it is best to look at the data before, otherwise there is no data comparison to form a concept. Written in a hasty, not systematic, we hope you forgive.

cited data for Taobao 10 years in August, data may be different from now, but still can be used as a reference. Data content is as follows:


summed up several factors that affect picture click through rates in the data.

person will summarize the theme, composition, driven by 3 main factors. Each factor, all containing a number of elements. Each element of the expression of good and bad, will pull / push other factors. Level can be thought of as a polygon model, each vertex of a planar element the effect of axial length of the element, play to vertex. Volume is the final form of prismatic hits. Speak a little tongue, but if you want to know, to understand my opinion of some help.

the case, if it can be one of the factors to play to the extreme, other elements without too high standards, basically can achieve better value, and the present case, because a single high cost, resulting in the use of single factor to the ultimate play to pull the click rate risk it is generally combined with other factors with.

each user generates a click that is a " receives the information -> generates a demand -> drives -> clicks " a process.

The main thing

requires to receive information is the composition of the picture and the art section. Of course, the size of the picture and the location of the page are the main reason for this, but it has nothing to do with the content of this article. This section details.

The emergence of

requirements is related to topics, content, and copywriting..


drive point comes from whether the requirements generated in the previous step can be answered by.

if this process is able to hold the user, then one click.

will be generated

in the process of receiving information (Mei Gong), mainly for the next generation of demand services, the topic can be clearly passed to the user. Whether it can let users quickly access to information, is the main task of this process.

In the process of generating requirements,

still serves as a driver for the next step. The main task is how to make the user generate demand, or stimulate customer demand, and cause him to pay more attention to it