Four points that might affect your site ranking

error 1: buy link.

has thousands of websites and services that will try to convince you to pay for access to a large number of other web links to you. Fiverr, for example, is a common site where people buy links because it can cost only $5 and hundreds of links point to your site. But what is the site will link to you? They will be related to your industry? They are reputable? Get famous website links back to your trust and is in favor of SEO, Google can remove your site from search results if you pay back links. Your company’s Web site will not appear on any search results. Do not pay links and do not participate in network sales links to help you publish your article on different sites. Business is not good.

error 2: publishing some irrelevant content.


creates content for your web site, you want only your business, industry, and customers. For example, if you’re a plumber, you don’t need to talk about the hotel on your website. In the eyes of Google, a pipe on the hotel website content can be confused. You want your website to be trusted as a search engine in your market, not someone else. Google pays attention to the user experience and if you prove your client, Google will find it and your website should reward it. So, when writing content for your corporate website, let the customer’s needs remember as many of your business goals as possible.

error 3: spam comments.

some business owners decided to pay for services on the Internet, including comments on spam sites, including a link back to their web site. Although the idea is to spread your website links to other websites related businesses, your brand can be corrupted when a customer or potential customer sees these links with spam and poorly written reviews. The same bad comment on your own website. Do not approve all comments on your website, but only those that can bring real value to your customers. This can help you keep your comments on the value and integrity of your site on your website.

error 4: overloaded in anchor text link.

an anchor text link is a specific keyword or phrase on the site text that is hyperlinks to another web site of URL. An example of this will be the "awesome entrepreneur site", which is linked to And keyword links can be good for SEO, and you have to be careful with them. Webmasters use the ability to build thousands of anchor text links with specific keywords, which will allow their websites to rank for those keywords. Those days are gone forever. In order to build the best rankings, keywords need to be displayed normally. This means that if you have 10000 keywords linked to a phrase that you want to rank, but on other sites, it can look strange in Google’s eyes. You should have lots of keyword links >