s there no separation from the station

some time ago, people heard that Baidu recently banned the collection of Web sites, it is difficult to collect articles of the site, there must be no way out?

personally think not, my nvtt.cn QQ space inside the website content is collected, remember Baidu two weeks about the first time included, is a collection of more than 1000 pages to more than 500 IP on the same day, this website because I didn’t have time to run and sold, sold 1500, sold the day pr from 0 to 3. For this thing, depressed for a long time, when IP about 2000 or so. After 3 months of trading, the sale of the day, remember the buyer and I said a word, Baidu does not love collecting station, he will fill their full manual data, I think this station is very promising, the first station, I later, because the buyer did not manage this station, station all he added Ads everywhere. Extremely affecting the user experience. Flow from 5000 straight down to 200, and finally want to 500 yuan shot, this QQ space did not become, so, the station is transferred to me again, of course, there are many reasons. Why do I give away. Not to mention it.

all right, cut to the point. After taking over this station, I first took all the advertising of the whole station, and a wide variety of facade, more ugly, leaving the user experience is not good. Second, a large collection of high quality articles, slightly modified, every day from time to time to update, I believe that Baidu is love hard webmaster, second, optimize the page, highlight the words of Guan Jian Guan Jian, now the word of this station is QQ space, there are hundreds of thousands of words Guan Jian flow, for a period of time is very difficult to optimize a good ranking, but you do, always set a good target group. Third, I think the most important point, check the chain. A lot of snapshots, three days later, the home page is not in the first to go, and after checking, from 40 to 15~6, nothing, as long as there is quality, not quantity.

after a period of adjustment, found that Baidu spider every day to this QQ station, basically every day included, less than 20, more than one hundred pages a day. The only regret is that the weight of the page is higher than that of the home page, and the snapshots on the inside page are the same day. Home snapshot is yesterday, always a day, the only explanation is that Baidu update my station every day, so the home page can not be the first. People also think this reason is too fake, when the right to comfort themselves, finally reported some data, after half a month of adjustment, traffic rose from 200 to 1200, we can see the station statistics, statistics is open.

himself, look at the weight of the station, but also try to do some optimization, such as I remember, erotic May days, erotic May days, these two are 10 W traffic Guan Jian words. I added this article in the Diary section of QQ station, mainly for the optimization of some Guan Jian characters. Experimental proof. My content page weight is really high, the Day Google included, second days on the fourth page, fifth pages